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Our Customers say it best!

" We received beautiful presentations from both companies and have decided to sign a contract tomorrow with builder #5667. The company I called on my own came in at $5,000.00 higher than the two you set us up with. Thank you for all your help and we wish you and PoolBids.com great success! "

- Scott S.

" I just want to thank you for all your help. You should be very proud of your company. Each time we met with your people, they were here early and they were all very nice and genuine people. "

- Shauna H.


" Thanks for providing such great customer service. I have provided your name to friends of ours that are considering a pool. Thanks Again! "

- Brenda C.


" Damien gave me 3 different builders, per my request. All 3 were checked out by PoolBids, as I did some follow up checking myself. All of your information was accurate. I received 3 separate bids, then compared them to my old builder. I saved $12,000.00 going through the PoolBids process. As far as the pool builder I chose, he did a fantastic job. He was hands on, all during the process. He dealt with all my little issues with a smile. I'm so happy with his work, that I've agreed to show my pool to his prospective buyers, anytime he wishes. As you know, I've already recommended you to my neighbor. "

- Brad H.

" PoolBids was so reliable and knowledgeable in working with our pool planning and the construction of our pool, quickly resolving a problem which led to complete satisfaction and many hours of fun and exercise in our lap pool. Thanks. "

- Bob and Susan P.



" Hi, I just want to thank PoolBids.com for connecting me with Juan of PBC. My wife and I have been very picky when it comes to making a financial decision. We wanted a lot of pool for little money. Juan was very helpful in the design and construction of our pool. I was very skeptical when I received the bid because it was so low, but Juan has
done everything he said he would do.  We have been getting bids every year for the past 3 years and PoolBids out bid every quote I received. I also want to tell you even though it was by far the least expensive, they did not sacrifice on material. I have more and better equipment than expected; a whole lot of pool for the money. I would highly recommend Pool Bids. Thank you Juan and Pool Bids. "

- Kevin S.


" Ken, we could have never done this without you!  We truly appreciate your help and we will tell our friends to contact you personally before making any decisions of this nature.  Thanks again.  We owe you a beer! "

-Al and Tina

  " From my perspective you are promoting the right guy! Thank you for your assistance"

- Jay A.


" To be honest and frank....I was very impressed by your company and service.  It was very refreshing to have someone actually call and follow up...Wow! What a concept that is extremely rare to find...Kudos! "

- Melissa W.


" I've referred your service to several people. It's a wonderful tool ! "

- Mary Z.


" Greetings!  You are so helpful.  We are highly appreciative of your service.  My husband and I will contact you when we have reached an agreement.  We are interested in getting the project (18X36 rectangular pool) started sometime in March.  More details to come.  Thanks. "

- G. Browning


" Not only did he personnally act in a professional manner also his staff did as well-the job quality was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to share this information with you & to say I am sooo glad I saw your billboard on the Katy Frwy!! "

- Debby B.


" I would like to say a big thank you to Poolbids.com for introducing me to your builder. He came up with other ideas that the other large pool company's could not. He always delivered on his promises, plus he would return my phone calls immediately. We would hire him again, and we love our pool. "

- K. Vinson

  " Thanks for all of your help. The builders were great. They had fair prices and seemed honest. Thanks again for the help. Your service is an excellent tool for anyone building a pool, especially when the homeowner is coming from out of state. Thanks again! "

- S.H.


" The result was better than we had hoped for.  Our pool is absolutely beautiful.  I will certainly tell all my friends that PoolBids is where they should start when looking to build a pool of their own. "

- T.W.


" Thank you for your follow-up.  I have selected a builder and the work should start soon.  I have references from them, they were very professional and quick with the plans and estimates.  They also made additional recommendations for the property that were very good and I will also go with that. So thank you for your efforts.  I will let you know on completion the overall experience. "

- B. Sutman


" Greetings!  Wanted to make you aware that I ended up using your recommended contractor  in San Antonio, to build my pool.  They did an excellent job!  There were timely, professional, and did what they said they were going to do.  I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. Just wanted you to know what a pleasant experience it was working with
them.  Thanks.

- Charlotte Y.

" Hi Mark,  I met with your recommended contractor and were pleased with his plans.  I know he was the first person we met but we were happy with his layout and the price was right where we were comfortable with.  Instead of meeting with another builder we decided to go with him.  His first impression seemed honest and after his second meeting with his ideas and pricing right in our comfort zone we are looking forward to working with him.  One thing that we always look out for is if you tell someone that you must stay in this certain price range and they throw something at you that goes beyond and try to pressure and convince you that it's only "a few dollars more" we put the brakes on and ask them to leave.  This builder did not do this and we really appreciate his honesty.  We are waiting now for permits so it is in the works.  Thanks for his reference and sending us in his direction...!!!!!!! "

- George F.

" Mark, First I would like to thank you for all of your help. You made this process a wonderful experience. Hopefully everything will turn out great. Again thanks for all of help. "

- H. Hobbs

" I started checking the references from the builder you suggested today and I made a decision to use him for our pool project. Thanks again for your help; I think you have a great service...keep up the good work! "

- Kathy J.

" Thank you so much for this referral!  The company you sent is wonderful and their designer is amazing. " 

- Sandra S.

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