Sample Builder Resumes

In each city, PoolBids maintains a list of qualified swimming pool builders.  Prior to enrollment, each contractor is screened with the Secretary of State, the County Clerk, and the Better Business Bureau.  Additionally, credit checks are obtained on the company and/or the owners.  Lastly, PoolBids verifies favorable references with past customers.  Listed below are a few examples of builder resumes:

Builder ID Number D1996 D7277 E 6297 E 5908 C3016 D5667
Form of Company Sole Proprietor Ltd Partnership Corp Corp. Corp. LLC
State and Date of Filing (if Corp or LLC) TX n/a FL 1998 CA 1954 AZ 1993 NV 1995 TX 2000
Years in Business Under this Name 10 9 53 14 12 7
Done Business Under Another Name? No Yes, 76-78 No No No No
Member of BBB? / Satisfactory Rating? Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Honor Roll No/Yes Yes/Yes No/Yes
Liability Insurance with Min Cov. $300,000? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Number of Pools Built Last 12/36 months 20/60 44/126 500/1600 11/28 111/324 24/103
Price Range of Pools Built $22-180k $21-147k $30k - 450k $19-50k $17-58k $37-44k
Presently Defendant in Pool Related Lawsuit? No No No No No No
Provides at Least Five References? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Historical Average Time to Build 5 Weeks 5 Weeks 8 Weeks 7 Weeks 4-6 Weeks 4-6 Weeks
Max Number of Pools Under Construction 3 to 4 7 to 8 150 2 10-15 10
#Hrs/Day of Supervision, Owner or Foreman 2 to 3 2 to 4 3-4 8 2-3 1 to 6
Hours of Accessibility by Phone or in Person 24/7 7a to 6p 7a to 5p 24/7 24/7 8a to 6p
Crew Works Saturdays? Sundays?  Yes, No Yes, No Yes, No Yes, No Yes as Req'd Yes, No
Min. Workmanship Guarantee 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year+ 1 Year
Who Manages Warrantee Claims? Builder Builder Builder Builder Builder Builder
Payment Terms (%Dn/Dig/Gunite/Coping/Fin)  0/40/45/5/10 10/0/60/25/5 $1000/3000/ $1000/ 0/0/70/25/5 0/30/30/30/10


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